From the President…
Dear Members and friends of EPSA.
 It is my great pleasure to welcome all pediatric surgeons to Egyptian Pediatric surgeon’s (EPSA) Homepage. The association represents a large group of pediatric surgeons distributed among many distinguished centers in Egypt and serving a population of 90 million. The association is one of the oldest in the region, started in the year 1980, and it was built on the shoulders of the great founders of pediatric surgery in Egypt, after it was a section of general surgery. Now Pediatric surgery is a distinguished entity of high specialty and excellence.
 The contemporary leaders of pediatric surgery in Egypt made a remarkable progress to the practice of pediatric surgery with their work and innovations, which are highly recognized worldwide.
 The links of EPSA with our pediatric surgeon colleagues in the Arab world, in the middle east, and in other parts of the world is one thing we highly recognize and strengthen everyday.
 The current EPSA board is very eager to continue actively the long road started by the great founders, and very willing to provide the best care for our sick children and the best training for our young pediatric surgeons.
Yours Sincerely,

Gamal El Tagy
EPSA President