Zagazig University Pediatric Surgery Department

The idea for establishing a Pediatric Surgical Unit in Zagazig University started when Dr. Atef Al-Ekiabi decided to work as a resident in the Pediatric Surgical Unit in Children Hospital of Cairo University in 1977, where he received his training and worked as Assistant Lecturer later on.

The Pediatric Surgery Outpatient clinic was initiated by Dr. Tarek Gobran in 1993, it was settled and maintained by the great efforts done by Dr. Tarek Gobran and Dr. Ahmed Kamal. At that time, the beds and operation lists were in common with General Surgery Department.

In 1996, Pediatric Surgery Unit became a one of the formal units of General Surgery Department.

In 2002, the unit started to have separate inpatient wards, operative theaters and nursing staff.

In 2005, Dr. Tarek Gobran established the surgical NICU as a separate unit in the University Maternity Hospital and had separate incubators and nursing for neonatal surgical emergencies.

In 2016, Zagazig University Pediatric Surgery Unit was approved as a separate scientific department in the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospitals by the Supreme Council of Universities and Ministry of Higher Education. Dr. Ahmed Ezzat was appointed as the Head of the Department.

In 2016 as well, the Department was approved for granting Doctorate Degree in Pediatric Surgery.
Department Structure:
- The Department has 18 beds for pediatric surgical in-patients, with a well-equipped two theaters and outpatient clinic twice weekly.
- It has also 10 beds for emergency cases in a special ward in Accidents & Emergency Hospital.
- The Department has a well-equipped Surgical NICU in the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Emergency Hospital with 8 incubators and 3 ventilators.
Current Department Services:
- The unit drains cases referred from the different hospitals and health care centers in Sharkia Governorate and other nearby governorates like Isamalia, Port Said, Suez and Sinai.
- Elective cases are examined and appointed in the outpatient clinic (twice weekly) for elective surgical lists.
- The Pediatric surgeon on-call in the emergency department admits and manages urgent cases and neonatal surgical emergencies.
Future Plans:
- Expanding the Surgical NICU regarding number of incubators, ventilators and working nursing staff.
- Improving the laparoscopic instruments and facilities.

    Department Services 
    Outpatient Clinic50 – 60 Patient/Day (Twice weekly: Saturdays & Tuesdays)
    (Average ~ 5000 patient/year)
    Elective OperationsTwice weekly based Operation Lists (~ 1500 Surgery/year)
    (The Highest turnover rate as stated by Hospital Administration)
    Emergency UnitEmergency unit manages pediatric surgical emergencies all week days (~ 1000 surgery/year)
    Neonatal8 Available Incubators / 3 Ventilators