New EPSA Board Elected

The elections were held on Thursday 10th of March at Ain Shams Specialized Hospital with hundreds of Pediatric Surgeon attendees.

The elected board are as follows:

Prof Gamal El Tagy – President
Prof Mahmoud Moustafa- Vice President
Prof Mamdouh Aboulhassan- Secretary
Prof Mohamed El Debeiky- Treasurer


Prof Essam Elhalaby
Prof Saber Waheeb
Prof Tarek Gobran
Prof Solimam M Soliman
Prof Osama Elnagar
Dr Nasif Hefnawy
Dr adham Elsaid
Dr Akram Elbatarny
Dr Abd Elmonem Shams
Dr Ahmed Abd Elmonem
Dr Tamer Ashraf
old board
Many thanks to all members of the immediate office Prof Sameh Sheba , Prof Sherif Shehata , Prof Moh Ghazaly, Prof Rafik Shalaby, Dr Khalid Dessouky for their great effort during the past period.

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