Message from the EPSA President

On behalf of the Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Association (EPSA) I am honored to welcome you to our website.

EPSA is the oldest and most active Pediatric Surgery association in the Middle East. The number of EPSA members, whether Egyptians or Non –Egyptians increases annually as Pediatric Surgeons and affiliated specialities from the region.

EPSA Board, committees and members continues the vision to give our Community the updated and complete pediatric surgical services through continuous education of our members via meetings, courses and workshops. Recently, we encourage research and international publications aimed to settle national practice guidelines and Multi center studies for the welfare of children over the world as a mission.

Along the last 35 years, EPSA aims expand to increase public awareness to benefit from our services for their sick children and try to reach them even in remote areas through convoys. We also hope to increase international interaction and cooperation to support our actions. National and international efforts will foster the care , education and management of congenital anomalies.

EPSA privileged in the initiation of the Middle East Chapter of the International Pedatric Endosurgery Group (IPEG) to advance MIS in the region.

Finally, I hope that you can get the real image of our different centers and members activities, so you can share and participate in one of our activities soon making our dream to unify the pediatric surgery into one global family true.

Sherif Mohamed Shehata